Eco Yoga Retreat, Cyprus



with Begüm Gülderen

Golden Beach, Karpasia, Cyprus

2018 Dates TBA

690 Euro

Welcome to Golden Beach of North Cyprus!

5 Days of relaxing on the beach, eating healthy food, doing yoga by very experienced teachers and 
connecting!  you will spiritually grow! Its perfect holiday for all;  Body,Mind,Soul


Those who’ve been experiencing stress, just being by the sea, eating healthy food, doing meditation/yoga, connecting with inner self, angels and god will bring you to get a renewed body, rejuvenated mind, and energised spirit. This retreat’s commitment to cleansing can change your life forever.

The Retreat place is situated in one of the most beautiful, unspoilt and historic places in the Mediterranean, Karpaz North Cyprus. It is surrounded by stunning golden beaches and ancient roman sites. Wild donkeys roam the hills and turtles nest on beaches in this tranquil paradise. Relaxing is easy here.

The Karpaz peninsula has some breathtaking beaches, 


wonderful walks and is littered with ancient churches, monuments, remains and ruins.  Part of the area is also now a designated National Park, where feral donkeys are allowed to roam free and nature is pretty much left alone.  The Karpaz is also largely an agricultural area producing crops, and you will find that most local inhabitants have animals and land, but tourism also obviously plays a large part in the economy too.

Sample Program:

6:30 – 7:00 Meditation (optional)

7:00 – 8:30 Vinyasa Flow Yoga

9:00 – 10: 00 Brunch (Fresh village eggs, sausages, fresh homemade slide show pic 3breads, juices, fruits, selection of olives, cheese coffee and tea and more..)

11:00 – 17:00 Free time. (enjoy the sea, sun, and breeze. sightseeing, visiting villages, enjoying the free time as you wish)

17:00 – 19:00 Angel Meditation, Workshop, Healing Energy Works

20:00 Dinner

Optional Activities:

cyprus31.Turtle Beaches

The proximity of a large number of beaches used by the Loggerhead and Green turtles for nesting, makes Oasis a popular base for turtle watching.The turtles flipper up onto the sandy beaches at night time to dig huge holes in which they lay their eggs, covering them with sand and returning to the sea. The warm sand provides safety and steady incubator like temperatures until hatching six weeks later. The laying season is May/June /July/August and hatching takes place in July/August/September/October.

2. The Roman Harbour

Exploring the sunken ruins of the cyprus 6Roman Harbour with a snorkel and flippers is a fascinating pastime and the proliferation of amphora shards and terracotta pieces on the sea bed among the toppled cut stone blocks of the ruined sea walls testifies to the intense trading activity of bygone eras.

3. Dolphins and Migrating Birds

If you are lucky, you may see one of the schools of dolphins on their way along the coast and in the spring and autumn flocks of migrating birds over fly the peninsula.

4. Rent a bike in the village

Turtle-on-beach5. You can have massage by our qualified therapist or have your Tarot reading by Suzie.


North Cyprus remains refreshingly uncommercialised and is one of the few places in the world still devoid of global brands
such as Starbucks and McDonalds. This, combined with stunning, largely unspoilt nature, means that eco holidays in North Cyprus are increasing in popularity.

Tkarpas shivani 9he Karpaz Peninsula is, in part, designated national park, with rugged beaches home to endangered turtles and glorious countryside, where wild donkeys roam.

“It was amazing. I enjoyed every part of it, thank you Shivani Yoga Center!” -Jelena from Serbia


Beachside wooden huts are designed to compliment the beautiful natural surroundings. Camping sites and tents are also available. If you want the get away holiday of your dreams, and reconnect with nature, this is the place for you.

All our rooms include bedding and duvets for cold nights as well as towels.

karpazyogaretreatThe bathrooms have a shower with hot and cold water, a sink and wc.

We have electrically operated fans. There is no air condition in the rooms. We try to keep everything as simple and natural as possible here at Golden Beach.

Food cannot be stored in the rooms. Self catering is not possible. Retreat centre does have a restaurant on site which serves traditional local cuisine at reasonable prices. The menu includes snacks, fish, meat specialitis, local meze, salads and much more.

How to get North Cyprus:

karpazyoga3You can travel to Cyprus via scheduled and charter flights to Ercan (North Cyprus) & Larnaca (South Cyprus) from most major airports in the UK & Europe .

Once on the Island, the Oasis is a 90min drive from Ercan and 120min drive from Larnaca. In your rented car, head for Dipkarpaz (Rizokarpazo on Greek maps) and follow the Burhan Bangalow signposts to the Hotel. If you wish to travel by bus, there are several buses in the afternoon from Famagusta to Dipkarpaz and we can pick you up from the village.

About Meditation / Yoga:

The yoga

karpazyoga4Experience revitalizing Vinyasa flow sequences, relaxing Hatha poses and dynamic Ashtanga classes. Fueled by our passion for making people feel at their best, our yoga classes’ compliment the days surf sessions by stretching out worked out arms, lower backs and shoulders. Our teachers are experienced, qualified and specifically selected for their uplifting and inspiring approaches to the practice of yoga. Whether you are a yoga teacher looking for an escape in the sunshine, or a total beginner, everyone is welcome to enjoy yoga at our Karpaz Eco Holiday

The yoga space

Yoga classes take place on veranda terrace – the spectacular ocean view is instantly calming and as the sun sets the colours of the sky are reflected across the ocean waves.


Created by our fantastic local chefs, we are pleased to offer delicious Mediterian  cuisine .With hearty vegetarian options you have no problem getting all the fuel you need for your spiritual and yoga sessions. We recognize the need to eat healthy hearty meals when exercising so dinners are served as a buffet each evening on the ocean view terrace after yoga. Enjoy a tasty selection of breakfast plates.

The restaurant has a big selective of fish choices. All fresh and nice ! it would be a choice who like to order for their self for lunch who are not vegetarian. (not included in the package price)

What to bring 

karpazyogaretreatwilddonkeyHere are some suggestions that have come up to help you better plan for your stay. For traveling, packing your favourite power bars and dried food is always a good idea. A torch who would like to walk around at nights. it gets pretty dark and no electricity in Karpas after 12pm. A shawl for early mornings and nights. Suncream, yoga mat, sea towel..


Please email your interest to Begum ( ). You will then receive a registration form to complete and details regarding transfer of deposit. A non-refundable deposit of 200 Euro is required to secure your booking. Upon registration you will be sent more info about getting to and around Cyprus, taxi pick-up from airport, what to bring etc.


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