Since Mysore is known as the birth place of Ashtanga yoga, people visit from all over the world. Although, it was in my mind about 8 years, i was just waiting for the right time to be ready! And I was finally there…

Mysore is a Yoga hub and definitely is a beautiful place to refresh one’s mind. It is a clean and organic yogic environment, right from the surrounding vegetable stalls to cafes. Practicing at the shala is highly recommended, everything people say about the energy there is true. It is a fantastic opportunity to focus on the practice and go deep. Best thing is that every person I connect with in Mysore, shares the same common love for yoga.

The challenges that I have faced was mainly village life. It is very easy to get used to comfort zone!  i have learned what it means to be a student and how important it is to have a teacher. I’ve learned how to be more patient and forgiving towards myself. 

Having so many people around who are going through the same practice as a community means we are all going through similar processes. It comes up in our talks, insecurities, feelings, fears, projections of what we might want the future to be or not be.

Make the breath the “first priority”, slow down and even take extras if you have to, just make sure to breathe deeply.  When you think you are breathing deeply, think deeper.

Breathing for dropping back must be much more intense than I ever imagined. I need to breathe as if I am grasping for life, very deeply.

Mysore rips you from your familiar surroundings, from your habits, from your comfort food, heck even your body as it submits to intensive practice.

“Do yoga” does not mean do poses or asanas, it means connect with God, in whichever way you understand God.

I am grateful to Jois Family and all the  people i met. It was not easy but i definitely came back differently. Each day I learnt more about me by simply being present on mat. I also definitely gained a better understanding into the world of Ashtanga Yoga.

Mysore, 2018.



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Svasthi Praja Bhyaha Pari Pala Yantam
Nya Yena Margena Mahim Mahishaha
Go Brahmanebhyaha Shubamastu Nityam
Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu
Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi


May the rulers of the earth keep to the path of virtue
For protecting the welfare of all generations.
May the religious, and all peoples be forever blessed,
May all beings everywhere be happy and free
Om peace, peace, perfect peace