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Begum started Yoga at a very early age of 17 during her travels. She then started traveling, teaching and learning Yoga in Asia at the age of 21. She was working as a teacher at one of the most well-known Yoga Resorts in Goa, India, which has a large yoga community. This enabled her to feed the desire to know more of the world, both inner and outer, which was only made possible by venturing away from her home, the island of Cyprus.

Concurrently with her ongoing travels, she works as a yoga teacher in Cyprus, Turkey and India. She is one of North Cyprus’ leading Vinyasa Flow Yoga teacher with over 10 years experience and a certified yoga teacher and director of the yoga teacher training school in North Cyprus. She is certified at The Ganesh College of Yoga in the USA.

Begum has traveled all over the world, included India, USA, UK, Japan, Indonesia, Turkey where she also trained with well-known Yoga teachers such as Kino Mcgreggor, Krantivira, Ganesh Iyer and Govinda Kai.

Begum is the owner of the first Yoga Studio “Shivani Life Centre” in North Cyprus.

Begum has a unique ability to naturally inspire a deeper understanding of the flow of breath, movement and mindful connections in yoga. In her teaching, she emphasizes energetic alignment, creating space in the body and synchronizing movement and breath. She teaches with an eye on body alignment and gives precise guidance on how to work intelligently with yoga. In her classes she creates a creative flow of movements and teaches her students to be in the moment.

Begum has arranged and directed Yoga Retreats in India, Japan, Turkey and Cyprus along with Yoga Workshops, Angel Workshops and Thai Massage Courses.

Begum is now based in Istanbul, TURKEY and enjoys sharing her teaching with  people of all nations. She is also a certified Pilates Teacher, Feng Shui Specialist and Thai Massage Therapist.
She thoroughly enjoys teaching Yoga, leading workshops, organizing Retreats & Yoga Holidays for everyone and she loves connecting with people and seeing people connecting with others.


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