It has been years now that i have been coming to India and have always found it interesting. This thought is shared by many people. I’ve also questioned myself – Why India?

Every year, many tourists visit India and are seen happily walking around, sometimes confused, sometimes fascinated, but more come each year to this fabulous,mystic country. And I am also one of them, a traveller and a practitioner of Yoga; I come across and travel through this land every year. Recently, I made a more permanent move here and this land continues to be more interesting to me, of course.

But Why? I am sure we can find many reasons as India Lovers…

The biggest reason, for me, is Spirituality. As the global community becomes increasingly capitalistic, the quest for spirituality has grown rapidly. There is an amazing strong energy here in this land and if you are a spiritual person, you will immediately feel it once you get here! Whenever you inhale, whenever you close your eyes, you feel it. And then when you meet with many other people like you, you feel happy, being in this circle – a circle of positive,spiritual people.

Another big reason for me is Yoga – the birthplace of it is India. People from all over to world come here and meet for Yoga. India is a perfect place to learn, share, go deeply into their practice. You just feel happy here – people stay in Ashrams, Yoga Centers while enjoying the beautiful weather, mountains, beaches and more…

Food! Of course food is also another reason to be .. some might find it difficult to believe this but it is true. We can find amazing, delicious food here – everywhere! Once you get to know around more and more you know what you can eat and you just go crazy about it. I do find all type of cuisines here and enjoy that so much.. Fruits and Organic Vegetables here are just so good! Compared to India, I always find difficult what to eat in Europe, these days everything is increasingly becoming unhealthy, full of hormones & pesticides within vegetables and fruits. In India it is easier to get natural, unaltered foods and that is a boon.

Everyday, almost like in a film scene – either in a car traveling around, or walking on the street, you see very interesting things happening here, in india. Sometimes funny , sometimes heart melting moments. observing people here, specially the poor ones, is a big role for me to learn and develop more on my spiritual journey. Whenever i think that my life is so difficult, i just see the people`s life here how hard theirs then i just appreciate each day, each moment and it helps me keep myself in the moment.

Nature is just so beautiful here. Yes we love how it is. Living here always reminds me that i am a part of Mother Earth. Perhaps, Chaos, Pollution  and dirt exists here but who cares! We love how everything goes with the flow. As it is.. natural.. monkeys, cows , peacocks.. Walking on the street with you, while you are having your cup of tea, experiencing the all creations is priceless.